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    What is IT Consulting?

    Consulting is basically defined as guiding someone to choose the best path available to them. IT Consulting Services gives you the solutions to manage your online business successfully. It makes the clients aware of all the options available to them. In addition to this, it also suggests strong strategies that are updated with the latest technological advancements. This ensures that the client will go through with the best suited option. Strategic planning encompasses everything from the layout to the implementation. Every suggestion is made while being up-to-date with the most recent technologies in order to develop the logical designs of the system. The whole planning is done by assessing the scope and working efficiency of your IT business. Even after the delivery of the developed solution, we maintain your website for as long as our attention is required.

    Why Clients must take advantage of IT Consulting Services?

    IT Consulting Services extend numerous benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

    1. Possess the solutions for every type of problem. There are many permutations and combinations in which problems might drop on you. IT Consulting Services, having the required experience, already have possible solutions to most of them.

    2. These are cost effective. The sum of money you end up paying multiple employees for doing minimal jobs is saved by IT Consulting. They provide you ways in which you can cut costs and still get better results. Not only do they reduce the need of excessive employees, but also they prevent the failures of many projects. Thus you save money on both sides.

    3. They possess first hand experience and knowledge of the new world. Thus, They keep you on tips with the latest technology.

    4. It is commonly known that running a business requires experience. But if you’re a young entrepreneur, you can still achieve the same results if you choose IT Consulting because they have the knowledge and experience you lack.


    How Xpecto Consulting can help you to develop and market best solution for your business

    We take you through the entire process step by step. From the plan preparation to the plan execution, we set out goals and priorities and achieve them within the timeline. We make the plans that are unique to your business style and make the goals which are within the range of completion so that none of the projects fail. Our experienced team of skilled individuals is always at your disposal.

    Our Process

    Analysis: First we do a thorough research to understand your business and the process used by you and your employees. We make a list of all the nooks in your software which are degrading the success ratio. We also note down all the possible changes that can be made to improve the system.

    Strategy: Based on your business needs, a blueprint is developed on how to fix the business and a proposal of certain things that would further enhance the success in the long run . We use the best technologies in the market and de-clutter the infrastructure of your software.

    Development: Once the blueprint is accepted by the client, we bring it into action. Our team of experts work on each part carefully and clear the goals in accordance with the timeline.

    Performance: Once the software is ready, our experts closely examine the performance and workflow of the software. After several test runs, it is checked if there’s any room for improvement.

    Maintenance and Enhancements:At the last step, improvements are made to get the best results out of your software. Our services don’t just end here. Even after the delivery of the final product, continuous supervision of the software is maintained so that any issue in the future can be solved without any trouble.

    Our IT Consulting Services help you at every step you take so that you can always make the best decision possible. We keep the track of the latest technology for you and always deliver the most evolved results.


    We provide below mentioned Consulting Services:

    1. eCommerce Consulting

    2. CRM / ERP Consulting

    3. Web / SAAS / Cloud Application Consulting

    4. Mobile Application Consulting

    5. Server Consulting

    6. Startup Consulting

    7. Consulting in implementing new ideas

    8. Consulting in taking company from Off-line to On-line



    Xpecto® IT Solutions is a product cum service based company and considers itself a pioneer amongst the web design & development, internet marketing and web hosting sector in India. Our outsourcing services work as a balm to our of shore clients throbbing foreheads thus creasing out any discrepancies they might be facing in conducting their businesses. You can find them at or follow them on twitter or facebook.