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HTML5 Development


HTML5 is a one of the latest markup language for World Wide Web, which is also a core technology for internet. As the name suggests it is the fifth edition in the series of HTML product. It’s an omnipresent language used on web. HTML5 Development has given an innovative platform to the developers and also heightens the browsing and surfing experience. All the major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari support HTML5 platform.

HTML5 Development

Why Xpecto?

At Xpecto we have one of the best and highly experienced HTML5 development team, who serves the high practice standards with state of the art technology in designing applications and HTML5 Development in India. Our teams of experienced professionals have already worked on so many projects on HTML5 and CSS3 that we are well equipped to give you end to end solution to fulfill your business goals.

Our HTML5 Development Company in India

We have evolved with the technology and made best use of HTML5 tools like Javascript, CSS3, XML and JSON etc to the utmost efficiency and made cost effective, user-friendly applications. Following the standards for HTML5 development in India we at Xpecto have hands-on experience in related technologies like:
• Python
• Jquery.
• Magento
• Cold Fusion
• Apache Serve
• PHP Framework
• JAVA Adobe tools
• Joomla

Our HTML5 Services


• HTML5 Application Development
• HTML5 based Mobile Apps Development
• HTML5 CSS3 Website Design
• HTML5 UI design and Prototyping
• HTML5 Plugin development


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