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Php Development


PHP Development Service in India has improved over the years, bringing in lot of offshore projects to Xpecto

PHP language was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 and since then it is being used as the most preferred and easy to use language for software and website development

It’s an open source language with easy to use application and installation. With the ease of development and quick implementation PHP has lot of other benefits to bet on. PHP development runs on Windows, Linux, UNIX etc. Ease of integration with other system and technology has made PHP development in India a programmer’s delight. In terms of securing confidential data, PHP coding is the safest mode.

Php Development

Why Xpecto?

We at Xpecto are open to learn newer technologies and updates in the ever changing Tech market in PHP development.
PHP development in India has a huge community of programmers who exchange daily updates so as to keep themselves on toes to help you grow your business. Xpecto programmers are regular contributors in these communities to bring in the best of PHP development. It is our expertise which brings clients from all over the globe to Xpecto.
We at Xpecto work on custom PHP based simple to complex website at affordable rates. With our agile PHP Development team of professionals we ensure quality on time.

Our Php Development

• API Development.
• Application on Software as a Service (SAAS) Model.
• PHP Porting and Migration.
• CMC based customization
• E-Commerce Solution.
• Developing Dynamic Portals
• Third Party API integration.
• PHP Testing, Support and maintenance.
• Web 2.0 Solution
• Enterprise CRM Solution.


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