WordPress CMS vs PHP Framework: Which is Better for My Website?

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    In this digital era, your business needs a website for quicker progression. Why? Because a huge population of the world is on the internet. Today, your business can have customers from all over the world, so the obvious fact is that the first impression you leave on them isn’t in-person. It’s over the net. Your website becomes your business representation and how it benefits your business depends on how you build your website.

    Now, when you want to develop your website, there are various types of options at your disposal. Every option varies in complexity, functionality, flexibility, budget, security, customer experience, etc. Although there are many options to choose from, the basic preferences comes down to two options, WordPress CMS and PHP Framework. Let’s look into both in details and try to find what’s best for your business without being biased on either side.

    About WordPress

    CMS stands for Content Management System; WordPress is a Content Management System that is equipped with plentiful resources at your disposal. WordPress comes with many pre-existing themes and features and additional plug-ins for more features.

    Basic WordPress website can be developed by anyone, even a beginner, without the need of any coding professional. It’s very easy to use, has internal security system, is budget friendly and can give you a very unique look in your website. WordPress also provides you internal SEO features that can prove to be highly beneficial for your website. The reason why everyone will prefer you WordPress is that because it’s highly user friendly.

    Although, every good thing has cons too. WordPress, even though provides a brilliant range of features, is still rigid. There is not much room left for detailed customization, for bigger applications, security which you can get through MVC architecture. It is majorly used by those who are looking to start their business or wanna test the business idea. And, at later stage when their business grows then they can rebuild the website / application in Standard technology using Framework.

    When it comes to WordPress, it’s security can prove to be a bit limited. So, it gives a possibility that your website can get hacked by your rivals. Hence, as a conclusion, it can be said that, if you’re looking for a short or medium term website without a lot of hassle or work, you should opt for WordPress CMS.

    About PHP Framework

    PHP is a programming language used to develop websites, applications, etc. So, it means, in order to use PHP Framework, you need to have the knowledge of coding itself. Or you can hire someone to do it for you. But as it is developed from scratch, it leaves a lot of space for customization. From the complexity of your website to its outlook an functions, you get to choose everything.

    Since PHP is developed according to your needs, it’s highly flexible and offers great compatibility as it integrates with most programming languages easily.

    And when it comes to security, it depends on how much you want to put in your website. If your website is for the long term, you can add several layers of security and that way it becomes much more safe from the hackers.

    Having to function with these many features, you need skilled experts to deal with it. This is where Xpecto Website & Application Development, Maintenance, Server services can help you so you can focus on your business instead of focusing of tech things.


    Hence, everything comes down to your needs. Both side offers you many advantages and both sides have their share of drawbacks. If you’re looking for an easily made, low cost and short term website, opt for WordPress CMS. If you’re looking for a more secure, long term and more customized website, opt for PHP Development.

    At Xpecto, we provide you with both solutions as per your needs. If you’re still confused at which one you should choose, the consultants at our IT consulting company can help you to decide. Our Web Development company hold the key you need to unlock the future of your business. We aim to provide the customer services that will prove to be beneficial for your business. We provide budget friendly, quality work that have the maximum chances to improve your success rates.

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