Why do we use Agile Methodology in Development?

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    What is Agile Methodology?

    As we talked about just how important Project Management is in our blog,”Why Project Management is Important for Organizations?”Project Management is very crucial to ensure the success of your project. Agile Methodology is a type of Project Management that focuses on smaller goals and thus offers much more flexibility than the traditional methods. This also allows you to make small amendments without drastically changing the schedule and budget of the entire project.

    How is it done?

    Firstly, the project is broken down into smaller components based on priority conditions. Then they are delivered individually within an iterative cycle. Now what is iteration? Iteration is the development of small components of a project at a time. Every iteration that is delivered is thoroughly assessed by the development team and the client. This ensures customer satisfaction as the client is getting involved at every step and every measure is taken by their accord. How is this better than the traditional method? This is because any errors that are present in the development are caught at early stages. With traditional methods, the customer would have to wait till the very end of the development to actually catch any errors, as there are many errors that don’t show themselves at earlier stages but show up in the end. When the client gets involved at every step, anything that might be looking out of place to them can be fixed right at the time of development. This saves a lot of time and money.

    Advantages of Agile Project Management

    Curtailed Technical Debt

    As the bugs are detected much earlier as compared to the traditional methods, maintenance tasks are not required that much. Any defects that come up are stored in a product backlog. At every sprint, the team reviews the backlog and addresses the bug. This minimizes the need for maintenance tasks(technical debt).

    Enhanced Transparency

    Since, Agile Development prioritizes client’s satisfaction by taking their approval after every step, it enhances the transparency by a significant percentage.

    Better quality even at minimum risk

    Since you get client’s feedback almost everyday, it allows you to work on new and innovative ideas without much risk involved. This is due to the fact that if there is something the client does not approve of, you can simply change it the next day without waiting for the completion of the entire project to get the client’s feedback. Thus, it allows you to expand the limits of ideas and unquestionably raise the quality of the project.

    Quicker Evaluations

    Since evaluations are done on a daily basis rather than for a complete project, they can be done quickly saving a lot of time.

    Heightened Project Control

    When evaluations are sped up and there is room left for ideas enhancements, it gives the team members a strong hold over the project. This ensures that the project is going parallel to the timeline and the results are delivered on schedule.

    Moving to a more practical and modern approach is always considered a better move. It saves you two of your most precious assets, time and money. Agile Development is widely used today by almost every business. And if you want to keep up, you should opt for it soon as well.

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