What is ERP?

  • what is ERP

    There are various core processes that are required for a running company such as finance, management, HR supply chain, etc. Handling all of them separately can prove to be a hassle for any business. But combining all of these processes under one system can be very useful as it would save time, money and resources at the same time. This is where ERP comes into play.

    What Is ERP?

    ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, is a type of system software which is responsible for carrying out the functions for your entire business such as processes in manufacturing, finance, services, supply chain, procurement and many more. Basically, what ERP does is that it integrates all the above listed processes into a single system at their most basic level.

    On the contrary to how it integrates those resources at their most basic level, ERP uses the high-level coding, Databases, frameworks, Internet of things and number of different technologies to function conspicuously.

    There are separate modules, each responsible and focused on a particular business area, such as finance management, that share a common database and thus have the ability to share data and information among all the modules. There are also modules ranging from manufacturing to retail to any industry.

    Modules Of ERP

    Modules may vary as per Industry but here we can list most common modules:

    Choosing the Right Module

    Although, choosing right modules vary from business to business, depending on the particular needs of business, there are some crucial modules that every business needs to function properly such as a finance and accounting module. It is not possible to run a business without keeping the track of all the financial details and accounting tasks.

    Customers are most viable part of any business, so keeping the CRM module can prove to be very helpful for your business. In a similar way, no business can run without it’s employees so keeping track of all the employee details and managing every aspect in this regard gets crucial. This is where workforce management and HR management can prove to be very useful to you.

    If you run a service like business such as consultancies or maintenance and repair companies, the complicated and time consuming billing processes can take a huge chunk of your time. This is where a Project Management Module can save your time and can extract faster and higher returns of your investment.

    If you are a manufacturer, distributor and retailer, supply chain management module is for you.

    Key Benefits of ERP

    1. Embellished Business Reporting: Since every module uses a common database, the chances of errors and redundancy becomes negligible or even zero. Hence, the information is pure and reporting is far better

    2. Improved Customer Service: As we get a better access to the customer details, it improves our response time and hence improved delivery and improvised order veracity.

    3. Cost-Effective: With everything under the same roof, it gets much cheaper and more cost effective.

    4. Heightened Revenue: With an access to the most exceptional tools, you can invoice better and indulge with the collection tools to extract the revenue faster.

    5. Improved Workflow: With tools performing all of your tasks at the same time with precision, workflow becomes very smooth and thus you gain efficiency.

    6. Improvised Security: Along with the responsible security software, your distributed data, across multiple servers, provides additional security that your system requires.

    At our ERP development company, we listen to your business requirements and develop the ideal ERP for you. We guide you through the model that would be a perfect fit for your business including the modules that most- definitely will benefit you. Our team of skilled individuals takes your requirements into consideration and offer the solutions that’s fit for your business. We work flexibly and bend to your every need accordingly.


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    9. Mobile App Development - Android & iOS

    10. ERP Maintenance, Support, Enhancement

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