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    Still indulging in old methodology for running your business? Not just it’s irrelevant, but also it sets your presence at the lowest scale. While dealing your business with the outdated methods, you get piles of unresolved paperwork along with less market exposure. Today, the whole world functions digitally, therefore it gets crucial for you to keep up with the technological advancements. Many enterprises put the blame on their lack of knowledge of the present IT systems as the obstacle of going digital. But one needs to inculcate themselves with recent processes, rather than just sit around blaming their lack of knowledge and going out of business altogether.

    Problems faced while running the business with outdated techniques

    1. Non Visibility: When working non-digitally, you can only interest the customers who are near your area. That would mean that you would get a very limited number of sales. You won’t have the means to get in touch with the customers who are looking for a service like yours digitally.

    2. Retaining Customers: Maintaining your already existing customers also gets really difficult as you lack any method to remain in contact with them and offer them any new service that may interest them.

    3. Diminished Productivity: When all the paperwork is piled up and you get stuck in just one single location, you compromise any room left for being creative and hence your productivity gets shortened significantly.

    4. Sidelined Global Opportunities: Productivity and profit of business can improve essentially if you associate with partners. When you work digitally, you have the access to reach out to multiple partners and opportunities all around the globe. Of course, if you’re going non-digitally, you will lose all these advantages.

    5. Time Consuming Tasks:When you’re working with the old methods, every single task, no matter how minute, will take much longer than it normally should. For example, accounting for all the sales, if you go digitally, this wouldn’t take much time as the computer is recording every sale that occurred. But otherwise, you are left with piles of paperwork that need hours to get done with.

    6. Unavailability Of Remote Work Facility: In situations like COVID-19, the biggest issue that everyone faced was the shutting down of their businesses. If you had access to a remote work facility, you wouldn’t have needed to shut down your business.

    How Xpecto Can Help You?

    Xpecto has the accessibility to all the latest technologies that are necessary to regulate the business digitally regardless of the place in the whole world. We start from scratch by closely analyzing every aspect of your business, taking every little detail in regard like what procedures are taken place and what frameworks are used. Afterwards we formulate a plan which would be best suited for your business and present you with a detailed proposal of the solution. Naturally it isn’t feasible for you to completely digitize your business right away, therefore, we break it down in chunks and deal with them separately. This intuitive approach not only allows us to effectively deliver the results, but also gives you enough time to get accustomed to the new digital workings of your business. Subsequently, once the entire solution is ready, we give you demos as many times as required and provide a detailed explanation to your team. Our services are not just limited to providing solutions, we also manage and maintain the service at your command, so you can run your business peacefully without any headache.

    Our services are not identical for every business type, rather we customize every solution based on needs. If you are a service based company, product based, manufacturer company or you deal in finance, ecommerce and health care, not to worry as we provide customized solutions for every business type.

    Along with these services, we can also endorse your brand on social media and handle it for you. We make your brand name on social media platforms and put regular updates about your business so that people from all around the world can indulge with you. This not only enhances your visibility and exposure globally, but also develops a strong trust with your customers.

    One thing that Covid-19 has made us understand is that if we don’t change the way that we run our business, we won’t be left with any business to deal with anymore. With changing times, we need to change as well. Therefore, every type of business, small, medium or big, is adopting this method of doing their business.


    Options Open To You Now

    1. Without too much input of either time or money, you can get in touch with any team member globally.

    2. You can expand your business by making business partners and explore uncountable business opportunities with anyone all around the world.

    3. Customer retaining sky rockets as you can regularly indulge your existing customers with new content and product.

    4. You get to enlarge your marketing range by generating sales from various mediums like emails, SEO, SMO, PPC or the other digital methods.

    5. You get rid of all the unnecessary paperwork as all your files are stored digitally in a much less consuming space. This enables you to access your files from anywhere in the world at any time you may need it.

    6. Your customers get to access you from anywhere in the world just by contacting you via email or social media handles.Thus they can enquire about anything without actually coming to your workplace. This makes the experience much user friendly for your customers. This also increases your chances of gaining more potential customers as your customers may refer you to the people they know.

    7. Going digital also deletes the need to visit each store in person as your whole support team is just one click away.


    Thus transforming your business digitally solves many of your problems and also opens the gate to many more opportunities for you to explore. This way you won't only earn better but also you will enjoy what you do. Hence, with a better mindset your business can achieve so much more that what you may expect.



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