What is IoT?

    IoT or Internet of Things is the name given to the growing number of devices which aren’t originally computer devices, but are connected to the internet for the exchange of data. This was achieved by combining cheap computer chips and wide availability of wireless networks. When these devices are connected and sensors are added to them, it becomes possible for any type of object to share data over the internet without the need of human beings.

    Anything from a pen to a driverless truck can be a part of IoT. If I were to give some examples from daily life of IoT, they would be:

    1. A lightbulb controlled by a smartphone

    2. A person with a heart monitor implant

    3. Fitness wearables

    4. Home Security system, etc

    When was IoT first used?

    In 1999, Kevin Ashton orchestrated the term, “Internet Of Things”, and described it as a technology that connected several devices with the help of RFID tags for supply chain management. By the early 20th century, IoT became a hotshot topic among the biggest media outlets. In 2000, LG Electronics introduced a refrigerator connected to the internet.

    Benefits of IoT

    Firstly, if I were to talk about how huge it is, there are more IoT devices in the world than humans. According to IDC, the tech analyst company, there will be 41.6 billion IoT connected devices by 2025. This should give you a rough estimate about how huge this thing is. And since IoT’s spreading like a wildfire, there must be certain benefits to it.

    1. The main benefit of IoT is to gather more data, having access to more data would give enterprises an idea about how well their product is performing.

    2. This will make space for the alterations in their goods to make their quality finer.

    3. It helps people work smarter and gain a stable control over their lives.

    4. IoT in businesses provide constant feedback of everything going in their systems, from the performance of machines to supply chain and logistics operations.

    5. Since, IoT devices can share data to the internet without the need of human beings, it cuts out a huge fraction of labor costs, hence, it makes the manufacturing and delivery of goods cheaper.

    The list of advantages of IoT devices can go much longer but now at least you have a general idea on how it can benefit you in ways you never thought possible.

    IoT with Xpecto®

    Here at Xpecto, we offer you IoT services in whichever manner you may ask. Satisfying our customer’s needs is always our first priority. We are currently dealing with projects of smart homes. To further elaborate, for example you enter a hotel, you are asked to download an app on your mobile phone. With that app, you can control everything in that hotel room, from a table lamp to AC. As soon as you use any commodity, it starts to record your bill. Now for example if you left your hotel for any issue and you forgot to switch off the fan, you can simply use the app on your mobile phone to do so. In-short, we are digitalizing the way you live via IoT.


    1. Analyze the requirment & proposa to solutions

    2. iOS App Development

    3. Android App Development

    4. Custom Application Development

    5. Maintenance & Enhancement



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