Backlinks still bring a higher volume of web traffic!

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    Backlinks still bring a higher volume of web traffic!

    Backlinks have been always considered to be the most effective tool in upping rankings of a website. It is perhaps the most powerful tool in the process of search engine optimization which can bring forward the desired long term results. But it is hard work. You need to slog away long hours to collect relevant backlinks. That is the reason some people consider it to be a dead end these days.

    It is not because backlinks are not bringing in results. It is due to the fact that a lot of hard work and determination is required on the part of link builder to get rankings up. And if you don’t do it properly it results in penalty!

    Tips for an effective link building process in 2014
    • Create a controversy but use this tool sparingly and not often.
    • Create top 10 lists
    • Always try to publish original research
    • Blog and forum participation
    • Create how to tutorials video
    • Use humor in soft doses
    • Build complimentary useful products like plug-ins and give them for free

    Articles, press releases, blogs are all passe. Expect a whirlwind of wonderful content this year. Info graphics and pinpointed audience oriented content are going to go viral this year. The key to get popular is to attract more customers socially through emotional content.



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